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What songs do men want to hear from their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day?

As we approach quickly approach Valentine’s Day, online surveys revolving around the holiday are quickly becoming a hot topic in Korea.
On February 1st, free online dating site ( conducted a three day survey asking men in their 20′s to 30′s on which songs they would like to hear their girlfriends sing on Valentine’s Day.
There results were compiled and released on February 11th. The ladies of Girls’ Generation topped the survey with their hit song, “Kissing You” which received 32.2% of the total votes. IU was a close second with “Good Day” which received 31.7% of the votes.
Third place went to Girls’ Generation’s “Oh!” with 19.6% of the votes, fourth place went to SECRET‘s “Starlight Moonlight” with 13.2% of the vote, and fifth place went to SES‘s “I Will Love You” which received 3.3% of the votes.
One man participating in the survey stated, “Even if my girlfriend can’t sing, I would like to see her shaking a big piece of lollipop candy while singing the Girls’ Generation song.

Women in their 20′s to 30′s also participated in the survey asking which songs they would like to hear their boyfriends sing on Valentine’s Day. Lee Seung Gi‘s “Love Time” took the top spot with 28.5% of the votes. Jung Yong Hwa‘s “Banmal Song” took second with 26.1% of the votes.
Third place went to Shin Seung Hoon‘s “One Fine Day” with 20.1% of the votes, fourth place went to Yoo Jae Ha‘s “Because of Love” with 13.2% of the votes, and fifth place went to Sung Si Kyung‘s “Blinding Confession” with 12.1% of the votes.
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