Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

JYJ’s Yoochun denies that he is the idol victim who got blackmailed by an ex-girlfriend

Earlier today, allkpop reported about an idol star who was being blackmailed by a former girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend had threatened to release naked photos of the idol star if she was not compensated financially.
The issue is currently the hottest topic online, and netizens began to speculate that the unnamed idol was none other than JYJ member, Park Yoochun. The rumors spread like wildfire on the Internet, causing JYJ to personally step out and address the issue.
On February 10th, a JYJ representative spoke with eDaily Star and stated, “We’ve checked with Park Yoochun and learned that he has no connection whatsoever with the event. These are unproven speculations, and to be honest, it is shocking to us as well. We’ve been struggling to decide whether we should make an official announcement about this matter since we had nothing to do with it. However, we became increasingly worried as the rumors spread.”
The issue revolves around a former girlfriend of an idol star, who threatened to leak a naked photo of his upper body. The girlfriend also threatened his agency, saying that if they did not pay her 1 billion KRW, she would release more photos, supposedly taken in October of 2011.
But the problems don’t stop there. Additional rumors are spreading on the Internet, asserting that there are also videos of the idol and his former girlfriend. Prosecutors have announced that they have collected the pictures from the woman, but videos were not found.
cr: allkpop

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