Jumat, 10 Februari 2012

Girl’s Day member Minah gets accepted into college

Girl’s Day member Minah had a very memorable graduation experience, as she became a high school graduate and a college freshman all within the same day!
Minah was dining out with her parents after attending her graduation ceremony at Jinseon Girls’ High School when she received the exciting news.
Girl’s Day’s agency informed OSEN on January 3rd that “Minah heard the news when she was with her parents. She was so excited to hear about the acceptance on the same day as her graduation that she shrieked in delight and wrapped her arms around her parents.”
Now that she is 20 and has been accepted into college, she is more determined than ever to excel both in school and at her career,” they said.
As for Minah’s feelings on graduating high school, representatives revealed, “She’s confused as to whether this is the beginning or the end. She feels glad it’s over, but she’s also nervous and excited to start her life as a 20-year old.”
Minah has been accepted into the Broadcast Entertainment School at Dongduk Women’s University.
In related news, Girl’s Day will be returning with a new mini-album next month.

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