Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

T-ara’s Jiyeon transforms into a catwoman in ‘Dream High 2′

T-ara‘s Jiyeon, who is currently playing the role of Rian on KBS2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘, transformed from a ‘mirror princess’ to a fluffy ‘catwoman’ for the upcoming episode.
Rian is an idol who dreams of becoming an actress but lacks the skills. Because of Rian’s nosy mother, who suddenly attempts remove her suffering daughter from OZ Entertainment, the agency’s president begins to disfavor Rian. Much to her humiliation, Rian ends up being sent to the countryside to sing a congratulatory song for the Miss Apple Pageant.
However, this was not the end of her embarrassment. Rian even had to wear a catwoman mask while singing in front of a loud, hostile crowd. With nothing left but her dignity, it seems that this scene, on top of Rian’s bad acting, will bring viewer’s much laughter.
Meanwhile, on seventh episode of ‘Dream High 2′, which will air on February 20th, Haesung (Kang Sora) will be deciding on transferring schools, while JB, who discovers a new side of Haesung, ends up visiting her home. Also, Rian rides the bus with Eugene (2AM‘s Jinwoon) to attend the Miss Apple Pageant, which coincidentally happens to take place in Haesung’s hometown. With the official start of the love quadrangle, it seems that many viewers are in high anticipation for the upcoming episode.
via : allkpop

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