Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Uhm Jung Hwa selects Big Bang’s T.O.P as her ideal type

The February 11th edition of KBS2‘s “Entertainment Relay” ‘Guerilla Date‘ segment featured an interview with veteran singer and actress Uhm Jung Hwa on who her ideal type was.
On this day, Uhm Jung Hwa was asked to play a game of “Ideal Type World Cup” with 8 males that she has worked with in the past, whether it be acting or music. These males included actor Hwang Jung Min, singer / pianist Jung Jae Hyung, Korean American actor Daniel HenneyBig Bang’s T.O.P, actor Kim Rae Won, singer Kim Jung Min, and 2PM’s Taecyeon. Out of the initial round in the game, she selected Hwang Jung Min, Daniel Henney, T.O.P and Kim Jung Min for the final four. After her selections in the semi-finals, the finals pitted Daniel Henney against T.O.P.
For her final overall winner, she selected T.O.P over Daniel Henney. On choosing T.O.P, Uhm Jung Hwa stated, “He works really hard and is very loyal. He also calls me on the phone the most.” T.O.P worked together with the veteran singer as he was featured on Uhm Jung Hwa’s 2008 single, “D.I.S.C.O“.
She also stated that Hwang Jung Min is a very lovable man as they most recently starred together for the movie ‘Dancing Queen‘.

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