Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

Actor Simon Curtis shows some love for Girls’ Generation & Sooyoung

Girls’ Generation has certainly brought the boys out in America: after flying to New York City to make a few nationwide television appearances, the ladies have earned quite a few new fans along the way, including actor and singer-songwriter Simon Curtis.
Best known for his role in the 2009 Nickelodeon movie ‘Spectacular!’, Curtis has released two studio albums, with his most recent album debuting at number 20 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Albums chart in 2011.
It all started when Simon Curtis watched the girls’ performance on the Letterman show earlier this week, then decided to take to Twitter to share his thoughts. It turns out he’s already quite the k-pop fan with interest in BoA2NE1 and f(x) as well, but a certain lady of Girls’ Generation has caught his eye.
Check out his thread of tweets below!
I know today is Madonna day, but I can’t tear myself away from Girls’ Generation & their Letterman performance.
Whoa, so many people reacting to my love for Girls Generation right now… where did this come from?! Lol. *does the dance from The Boys
I would share my favorite Girls Generation member, but i have yet to learn their names. Sigh. So much perfection.
*my favorite kpop groups are f(x), 2ne1, & GG.
@focsy oh I already have a boa album!
Okay, my favorite is the chick with the black hair on the left at 0:41 -whats her name?! *she does the hair flip
Ahh Sooyoung. Thanks guys! Now I can rave about obsessed I am with her. <3. She is the ULTIMATE
Does Sooyoung have a twitter?
@TheProphetBlog @GirlsGeneration ugh I’m stanning so hard for Sooyoung right now…
Goodnight GG fans. Nice to meet you all tonight. Thanks for the help sorting out my favorite. Check out my tunes sometime ;) xxxo
Ummm… kpop fans are beyond legit. I had no idea. Seriously blown away by the reaction to my girls generation stanning
Having such an amazing weekend eating junk food out in the desert, snuggling a chunky baby, & making everyone listen to kpop. <3
I love how my timeline has been filled with Sooyoung links for 24 hours now. Dying with Korean bubblegum love.
@freitasdiogo haha it’s a fatal Korean virus!!! Lol. I’ve fallen ill with GG fever!
I just realized that my favorite phones are Samsung and my favorite music at present is kpop… I might need to visit Seoul.

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