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MBLAQ’s son Leo sings along to “It’s War” & reveals which daddy he misses the most

Fans of of KBS Joy’s ‘Hello Baby‘ Season 5 know MBLAQ‘s son Leo as the cute little energetic boy that sometimes gets into trouble, but which MBLAQ daddy does he miss and want to see the most? On February 7th, a homemade video revealed just that along with a musical surprise that showed how much he enjoyed his daddy’s songs.
The video started off with Leo wearing monkey pajamas and swaying side to side singing along to MBLAQ’s “It’s War“. After fidgeting with a cell phone he asked, “Are we gonna go right now to [see] MBLAQ daddy?”
His mom answered, “Tomorrow..let’s go tomorrow morning.” A sad Leo replied, “No, I don’t want to … [I want to go now.]“
With a series of back and forth discourse that always ended with Leo saying “No,” he later waved to the camera and said, “Daddy I want to see you.”
His mom asked, “Say Lee Joon daddy I want to see you,” but instead of repeating those words Leo whole heatedly replied, “Cheondoong (aka Thunder) daddy I want to see you.”

A second video showed his mom trying again asking, “Say Mir Daddy I want to see you”, but Leo answered, “No I wanna see Cheondoong daddy.”

Sorry Lee Joon and Mir, I guess Thunder has stolen Leo’s heart!

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