Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

SNSD's Taeyeon expressed her gratitude towards their fans, Sones!

Yesterday was SNSD Taeyeon's special day, her birthday!

As expected, fans all over the world celebrated it so to express her gratitude and to share what she did on her special day, here is Taeyeon's birthday message.

"What’s up, Sone!

Every year it seems that I receive so much that I don’t really know what to do, and also feel a bit embarrassed. Today, I mean yesterday, was spent happily. I had a party with those I love most, ate food, and took pictures. Hehe. Thank you and love you to my members. I love Sone as well.

You worried a lot because I hurt my toenail didn’t you? To be honest, complete recovery will take a while, but it’s getting a lot better so worrying is a no no no.

To Sones whom I love. I feel so grateful, thankful, and happy because of the love you give me every year congratulating me on my birthday. I’m really such a rich person. Rich with love. I’ll pay you all back. This is why you should love me more. Love me already. Sone is the best! I’m the best! Cheers for Soshi, the best!"

Nate, Trans by elliefilet@akp

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