Jumat, 09 Maret 2012

Recent photos of Super Junior’s Kangin revealed

Fans of Hallyu super group Super Junior are in for a treat, as photos of member Kangin have recently surfaced online.

Recently, an online community post titled “Soon-to-be discharged Kangin” has surfaced with the above pictures. Kangin, who is currently on compulsory military duty in the Korean army, has been off the radar since he began his service nearly two years ago.

The photos show Kangin in normal everyday wear, and they are assumed to have been taken sometime during his vacation days. Fans and viewers alike have noticed a significant weight drop compared to the days when he had just entered the military. Although his current look and weight are a far cry from his flower boy days in Super Junior, he seems to have developed a more masculine look.

Netizens left various comments such as, “He used to look fantastic during Super Junior’s debut days” , “He kind of looks like an ajusshi” , “As expected, Kangin is handsome” and, “Already nearing discharge? Time flies fast!

Kangin, who halted his activities due to a drunk driving scandal in 2009, as well as a bar fight, began his military duties in July of 2010. He is officially set to be discharged from duty on April 16.

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