Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

MBLAQ’s Mir once broke up with a girlfriend via text message

MBLAQ‘s Mir sent his ex-girlfriend an apology message.
During a recent filming session for an episode of jTBC‘s ‘Idol Preview‘, Mir explained why he broke off a past relationship.
Mir explained that he had a girlfriend that he dated for quite some time while he was still a trainee, but the relationship grew stale and Mir began acting distant towards her. One time, his girlfriend came to see him at a park in front of his rehearsal studio, but instead of spending time with her, Mir flatly told her he wanted to break up.
Extremely upset, his girlfriend asked Mir if she could slap him across his face.
Reminiscing of that day, Mir said, “After she said that, all I saw were her hands. I grew weak.” In order to avoid getting hit, Mir disgruntledly agreed to postpone their break-up.
But as soon as Mir came back to the rehearsal studio, he broke up with her via text message and succeeded in ending the relationship without being hit across the face.
After telling his story, Mir sent his ex-girlfriend a video message saying, “Hey friend. Thanks for not hitting me that day. I’m less afraid now, so I hope you can slap me once if I ever see you on the streets,” which caused everyone on set to roar in hearty laughter.
Source & Image: Newsen via Nate

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