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2PM releases new “Only You” MV for limited edition album ’2PM Member’s Selection’

2PM has released a brand new music video for “Only You“, a track from their debut mini-album ‘Hottest Time of the Day‘, to promote their upcoming limited edition album ‘2PM Member’s Selection‘.
The limited edition album holds 18 tracks in all, including “Alive” by member Junsu and “Move On” byJunho and Wooyoung. All of the group’s best hits are also on the album, and each track will have short introductions by the 2PM members as well. Only 20,000 copies of ’2PM Member’s Selection’ are planned for sale in South Korea. Fans who get their hands on the album will be treated to a booklet of lyrics, 72-page photo book, and 8 photo postcards.
’2PM Member’s Selection’ will be released on May 22nd KST. In the meantime, check out the track list and the new “Only You” MV below.
’2PM Member’s Selection’ track list:
01. 10 out of 10
02. Only You
03. Again & Again
04. I Hate You
05. Might Come Back
06. Heartbeat
07. Tired of Waiting
08. Gimme the Light
09. Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
10. Without U
11. I’ll be back
12. I Can’t
13. Hands Up
14. Give It to Me
15. Hot
16. Thank You
Special Tracks
17. Alive (Junsu)
18. Move On (Junho, Wooyoung)

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