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Kyuhyun & Yoona facts

1. Kyuhyun & Yoona were born on Wednesday

2. Kyuhyun & Yoona were born in Seoul

3. Kyuhyun & Yoona have an older sister who were born in 1985

4. They love Ballad Song (Kyuhyun is a ballad singer, and Yoona was good in Ballad)

5. Their favorite color is Blue

6. Both of them are the fourth tallest member in their own group (Kyuhyun after Siwon, Hangeng, and Kangin) & (Yoona after Sooyoung, Seohyun & Yuri)

7. A devout Christian adherents

8. One of the Shikshin in their own group

9. They are both very nosy. They always tease people around them

10. Yoona called Kyuhyun as, "GaemGyu", and Kyuhyun called Yoona as, "Weirdo Yoona"

11. Kyuhyun mentioned Yoona in his Thanks To in Super Junior's fourth & fifth album. While Yoona mentioned Kyuhyun in her Thanks To in SNSD's second album

Kyuhyun's 4jib Thanks To

Kyuhyun's 5jib Thanks To

Yoona's Oh! album Thanks To

12. Kyuhyun's Ideal type is a girl who had a nice forehead

long-haired, beautiful legs,

loyaland always pay attention to himAnd Kyuhyun also like the girl who tied her hair, (maybe that's the reason why Yoona recently like to tied her hair up :pand looking good in short hair :)

13. They're a fan of Yoochun TVXQ, Kim Dongryul, etc.

14. Yoona went to Kyuhyun's musical (The Three Musketeers)along with Yesung Donghae (but someone said that Yoona watched the musical with Taeyeon)

15. They often go to a concert together, such as the concert of Kim Dongryul (with BoA), SHINee, TVXQ, CNBLUE, etc.

16. Yoona & Kyuhyun closed to Minho, BoA & Changmin

17. Yoona always watch SuJu's Super Show concert with the other SNSD members

18. Yoona's Ideal type is someone with a melodious voicecan lead her with his calm and sweetness. Someone who can make her heart pounding

19.KyuNa love to dance together. And Kyuhyun only showed his Pockey Dance to Yoona. 

20.They are always glancing to each other :3

21. Taeyeon, Tiffany, BoA, Eunhyuk, Heechul & (maybe) Sungmin, know exactly about the friendship between Kyuhyun & Yoona :3

22. When Kyuhyun asked on the radioabout the closest female friend that he had, Kyuhyun answered Victoria, BoA and Yoona

23. Yoona once said, that her favorite song is Yearning. And not long after, Kyuhyun sang it in one of the TV show. And in SMTown World Tour 3, Kyuhyun sings Yoona's favorite song, "Just the way You Are" along with Changmin

24. When Yoona was upset, Kyuhyun can make her happy again (example: When Yoona was in Sukira)

25. Both of them can't cook very wellButif they cook for themselvesthe food is always delicious

26. Kyuhyun good at singingwhile Yoona good at dancing.

27. Both of them had a face that Innocent & Sweetbut in fact, they are very evil keke ~

28. Both of them had a pretty good fashion sense

29. Sometimes THEY became a couple of SPAO adv.

30. Kyuhyun said to Yoona, that she's still beautifulalthough her pose is ugly (SM Town Backstage Paris). And Kyuhyun said if Yoona had a nicest voice in SNSD kkkk ~

31. When Tiffany and Taeyeon hear the name "Kyu", they directly lead to "Yoona" with a laugh (SNSD & Dangerous Boy)

32. When in radioKyuhyun got a question from someone that named Yoonaand he said that the person's name is very strange

33. When in the SM Town ConcertKyuhyun always take a photo of Yoona 3

34. Their friendship filled with laughter and weirdness

35. Kyuhyun said that Yoona is a Grandma Deer

36. When in the Super Show 2Kyuhyun wore Deer hat and shirtAnd the deer is an animal that are familiar with Yoona: P

37. Yoona likes Song Seung Hun, while Kyuhyun likes Kim TaeheeAnd everyone must have known, that Song Seung Hun and Kim Tae Hee are a great couple

38. They are included in SM's top 10 FashionistasSM's Top 10 Best Smileand SM's Top 10 Evil Artists

39. Yoona wants to have a son, meanwhile, Kyuhyun wants to have son & daughter

40. Kangin and Heechul looked toward Kyuhyun when Wang Seok Hyun pick Yoona as his favorite SNSD member - Invincible Saturday

41. KyuNa number is 7 (February (2) + May (5) = 7)

42. When Yoona talked with Changmin 'DBSK', Kyu keep looking at Yoona from behind


43. At the end of the performance, Super Junior called Girls Generation to join them dance and sing Sorry, Sorry. KyuNa standing next to each other when they dance & sing Sorry, Sorry. Actually Kyuhyun was paired with Sica and Yoona with Ryeowook. This is the first time "Kyuhyun and Yoona dance next to each other. -Gayo Daejun 2009

44. While ending "HOPE", Kyuhyun stood between Tiffany and Yoona. When they are bow, Kyuhyun and Yoona were holding hands.

45. Kyuhyun sat behind Yoona and Yuri, but he didn't talk at all with Yuri. When he needs a script, he took Yoona's script. " -Love Request (cr :

46. According from an account of the Russian ELF who lives in Korea. In her account, she said "I'm now in the recording of " Love Request " show. I saw Kyuhyun and Yoona talked together during the recording. I think today, Kyuhyun  just talk to Yoona compared with the other SNSD members. And of course, Kyu took the script from Yoona. "-Love Request

47. When in SMTown Paris, Kyu was appointed as photographer. Kyu then take a photo of Yoona and Sunny, but the photo looks so weird and funny. So they laughed, and Yoona asked Kyu to delete the photo, but Kyu didn't want to delete it. 

Kyuhyun : *show the photo to the girls*
Yoona    : oppa ... please delete it! *Laughs* 
Kyuhyun : *zoom the image and laughing too* 
Yoona     : *hits Kyuhyun* 

The reporter asked Kyuhyun to show the photo, but Yoona forbid it. Yoona and Sunny pull Kyuhyun, so that the reporter didn't see the photo. 

Sunny : Don't do that ..! 
Yoona : * begged Kyuhyun* please delete it, oppa 
Reporter : * continue to ask Kyuhyun to show the photo*
Sunny : no, this can't be demonstrated 
Kyuhyun : *see the photo* yeppeo~ (pretty) 
Yoona: delete it, oppa! 
Kyuhyun : Yeppeo-yo~ 
Yoona  : please, delete it, oppa! 
Kyuhyun : Yeppeo-yo *showing the photo again* 

Sunny and Yoona laughed again. Yoona asked Kyuhyun to remove it but eventually, Kyuhyun didn't delete it - Backstage SMTown Paris

48. In one of "Suju Foresight" episode, Kyuhyun told how he showed his charisma in front of the woman he loves. 
Leeteuk: what charisma do you have? 
Kyuhyun: I don't have much, but I have big ears. so I'll show my ears when I saw someone I liked.

49. Kyuhyun sang Yoona's RDR part in SUKIRA

50. When Yoona and Kyuhyun have a quarrel, Kyuhyun refers to Yoona's face, and mischievously, Yoona sprayed water to Kyuhyun's face. Kyuhyun was surprised, and Yoona laughs when she saw Kyuhyun's reaction

51. KyuNa's fans name is Musketeer! KyuNa also have their own day on March 30th ^^

52. At SMTown Taiwan 2012, they stood next to each other and laughing together XD

53. At SMTOWN Jakarta, they recognized their fans, Musketeers, for the first time on 22 September 2012!

54. At the Suvarnabhumi Airport, they walked side by side :D

Some Kyuhyun-Yoona GIFs :

To see more KyuNa moments, just open this link ^^

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